School Bus Policy

To order to insure the safety of everyone who rides the school bus, Vysehrad ISD has enacted rules and consequences for those students who refuse to act correctly and who jeopardize the safety of all individuals on the bus. This also ensures that everyone is aware of the rules for everyday and for field trips, sporting events, etc.

If inappropriate language (cursing) is used on the bus, there will be an automatic suspension of bus privileges for 2 weeks.

The rules regarding student behavior on the bus are the same as those in the classroom.

Discipline notices will be given for:


Moving around on the bus (changing seats)

Not being fully seated (kneeling, sitting on feet)

Feet in the aisle

Disrespect towards the bus drivers

Body parts out the window

Throwing things out the window

Any other inappropriate behavior (kicking, biting, hitting, spitting, etc.)

The following actions will happen with each discipline notice per 6 week period:

1st notice - 50 lines will be assigned

2nd notice - 100 lines will be assigned

3rd notice - 150 lines will be assigned

Any subsequent discipline notice will result in a bus suspension for 2 weeks.

Serious behavior problems will be referred to the Principal immediately.

Using ANY electronic devices, including but not limited to cell phones, Ipods, etc. is prohibited. If anyone is caught using an electronic device, the device will be confiscated. In order to get cell phones back, a $15.00 charge will be incurred. (Refer to Student Handbook)

In addition, students are not allowed to spray any colognes, deodorants or any aerosol products on the bus. Students with allergies, asthma may be adversely affected.