Cafeteria Charge Policy

District Charge Policy for Meals and Account Balances

Vysehrad ISD (the district) participates in the School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program. We offer students nutritionally balanced meals daily in accordance with standers set forth in state and federal law.

Free and reduced-priced meals are based on financial need or household situation. Information about a student's participation is confidential; however, disclosure of a student's eligibility may be made without prior notice or consent to programs, activities, and individuals that are specifically authorized access under the National School Lunch Act (NSLA), which is the law that sets forth the disclosure limits for the district's child nutrition programs. A student's name, eligibility status, and other information may be disclosed to certain agencies as authorized under the NSLA to facilitate the enrollment of eligible children in Medicaid or the state children's health insurance program (CHIP) unless the student's parent notifies the district that a student's information should not be disclosed. A parent's decision will not affect the child's eligibility for free and reduced-priced meals or free milk.

Call the school office to apply for free or reduced-price meal services. 361-798-4118

Parents are strongly encouraged to continually monitor their child's meal account balance. When a student's meal account is depleted, the district will notify the parent. The student will be allowed to continue purchasing meals for up to 5 days or up to $10.00, whichever occurs first. The district will then present the parent with a schedule of repayment for any outstanding account balance. If the district is unable to work out an agreement with the student's parent on replenishment of the student's meal account and payment of any outstanding balance, the student will receive and alternant meal.