School History

Vysehrad, a word which means “High Castle” in the Czechoslovakian language, is the name for the small rural school found in Lavaca County, Texas. The Vysehrad school, established in 1887, is situated on part of the Francis Smith League, located on County Road 182 about four miles west of Hallettsville, Texas on the old Shiner road and about a mile and half north of Worthing, Texas. The Vysehrad School has remained in the same location since the school was founded. The number of students enrolled in the Vysehrad School has fluctuated over the years; some years seeing an enrollment close to 125 students.

Czechoslovakian settlers of the Worthing Community established the school. The first teacher for the school was Frank Jakubik. Teachers for the school held second and third class certificates issued by County Superintendent, Judge McCutcheon. Trustees for the school term 1887-1888 were as follows: F. W. Kutach, J. F. Kutach, and Joe Liberda. In 1894, William Kutach and wife, Mary sold 1 ½ acres of land to the Vysehrad Board of Trustees which were F.W. Kutach, J. F. Kutach, Sr. and Joseph Schildler for the sum of 27 dollars.

The original schoolhouse burned 11 years later, in 1905, and the people of the Worthing Community rebuilt with a two-room schoolhouse that included a teacherage, which was erected by Mr. Malchar. The new school was financed by the establishment of a fifteen-cent tax which allowed for the needed school improvements. Water was supplied to the school by a deep water well fitted with a chain and two five-gallon buckets for the retrieval of water from the well and for carrying the water to the school.

In 1935, under trustees Frank E. Konvicka, John Mican, and John Cada established a three-teacher modern school for the Vysehrad Common School District and a third room was added to the school building. In 1935, the enrollment was 66 students and the three teachers taught eight grades. The Vysehrad Common School District was identified as District No. 16 and later the school district became known as District No. 29.

On June 2, 1958 The Brown School, identified as District No. 30, closed and consolidated with The Vysehrad Common School District. The Wied School, District No. 28 was closed in 1966 and also became a part of The Vysehrad Common School District. Long-time educators of the Vysehrad Common School District include Marie Klekar who taught for 46 years with the last 15 years taught at Vysehrad School, Mildred Koerth who taught 46 at Vysehrad, and Alfred Technik who taught for 35 years with the last five years taught at Vysehrad.

In the late 1960’s a fourth room was added to the school building due to an increased student enrollment as well as indoor restroom facilities. In 1972, Vysehrad Common School District encompassed 31 square miles in Lavaca County, Texas. The Vysehrad Common School District changed to an independent school district starting with the 1978-1979 school year. Edward Pustka of Hallettsville, Texas was hired as Principal/Superintendent for the 1979-1980 school year with an enrollment of 27 students in Kindergarten through eight grade. In 1981, the school expanded to include a cafeteria. In 1985, a regular size gym was built with two classrooms included in the building design of the gym. By 1990, the school had and enrollment of 52 students.

All classrooms were carpeted in 1991. A math classroom computer and science lab were added in 1992 and housed in a Morgan portable building. In the school year 1996-1997, construction included a new cafeteria and the addition of two classrooms. By 1998, curriculum offerings included a pre-Algebra course for the seventh grade students and an Algebra course for eight grade students to obtain high school credit. During the 1999-2000 school year, the Vysehrad School sold the Morgan office building which housed the school administration and remodeled the old cafeteria into new administration offices for the district. The school year of 2002-2003, found the need for the purchase of a new school bus for the district. During these years of development and expansion in the district, James C. Hermes, Jr. of Yoakum, Texas served as Principal/Superintendent from July 7, 1991 until his retirement on June 30, 2004.

The school year 2004-2005, began with the hiring of a new Principal/Superintendent, Paul J. Darilek of Hallettsville, Texas originally from Shiner, Texas. During this time the development of safety measures at the school, including the designation of new metallic school zone signs lowering the speed limit on Lavaca County Road 182 during school hours. Other safety improvements include the addition of a school cross walk zone and the widening of Lavaca County Road 182 to accommodate two lane vehicle and school bus traffic.

In 2007, Vysehrad School obtained a historical marker through the efforts of Holly Kropp and Margie Kocian. Doug Kubicek of the Lavaca County Historical Commission was the guest speaker for the dedication honoring this memorable event. This was the 100th historical marker placed in the Lavaca County. Also, in 2007 Vysehrad School celebrated their 120 year anniversary.

With enrollment growing, four new portable buildings were purchase in the 2008-2009 school year. Also, May of 2009 land adjacent to the Vysehrad School was purchased for staff parking and possibly a new bus barn in the future.

In the summer of 2022, a renovation was done to the restrooms adjacent to the gym, giving them a new, fresh look. Also, Locker Rooms were added for Middle School Athletics. The classrooms in that area were given a make-over as well. This included new flooring, fresh paint and a general "fixing-up".

Today, the district of Vysehrad covers 33 square miles, which includes the consolidated area districts of Brown and Wied Schools. Vysehrad continues to grow as a small rural school, hence the slogan “Small Schools For Strong Foundations”, offering a wide range of subjects yet still affording small classes.

After the resignation of Principal/Superintendent Paul Darilek in 2010, the School Board hired Edward Pustka as Interim Principal/Superintendent for the 2010-2011 school year. Jason Appelt served as Principal/Superintendent from March 15, 2011 thru June 2022. Joey Patek served as Principal/Superintendent from July 2022 to October 2022. Upon Mr. Patek's departure, Claudia Baker served as Interim from November to December 1, 2022.

As of December 2, 2022, Robin Trojcak serves as Principal/Superintendent.