Computer Use Policy

VYSEHRAD ISD Computer Use Policy

Acceptable Use Agreement for Student Internet Access

The Internet is an electronic highway connecting thousands of computers with millions of subscribers. Internet access is available to students, teachers, and administrators of Vysehrad ISD.

Since it is a constantly changing, fluid environment, teachers have a professional responsibility to work together to help students develop the intellectual skills needed to discriminate among information sources, to identify information appropriate to their age and developmental levels, and to evaluate and use information to meet their educational goals. One of our goals is to promote educational excellence in the Vysehrad ISD by facilitating growth in technological resources.

Access to the Internet shall be made available to students exclusively for instructional purposes and in accordance with administrative regulations. Vysehrad ISD accesses the Internet through Region lll E.S.C. which employs a filter to screen out potentially inappropriate websites. While every precaution is taken to protect our students, please be aware that occasionally inappropriate websites could be accessed. It is then up to the student to alert the teacher to such website. Access to the District's electronic communications is a privilege, not a right.

Any person using these resources through a District connection must accept and abide by the following policies:

  1. Students may not allow anyone else to use their personal password.

  2. Students must respect the rights of other individuals and not use language that is abusive (harshly or coarsely insulting, containing cursing in any language or ethnic or racial slurs), profane (vulgar, irreverent toward God or sacred things, Satanic), sexually offensive (sexual in nature, repugnant to the moral sense or good taste, sexual harassment), or threatening.

  3. No one my access text or visual depictions (any picture ,image, graphic image file, or other visual depiction) that are obscene and/or harmful to minors.

  4. Students may not access email accounts or participate in chat rooms or personal networking sites (examples: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) at any time.

  5. Students may access only those games approved by a teacher or librarian.

  6. Students must respect the privacy of others and not intentionally obtain copies of modified files, passwords, or data that belongs to anyone else. No one should represent him/herself as someone else by using another's account.

  7. For the safety and privacy of the student, no student information in any form will be posted on the Internet without express parental permission.

  8. Students must respect the integrity of computing systems and abide by existing Federal and State laws regarding electronic communication. This includes accessing secure and/or confidential information without authorization, divulging passwords, causing system malfunction, developing programs that harass other users or attempting to infiltrate a computer or computing system, maliciously harming or destroying District equipment, materials or data and deliberately degrading or disrupting system performance. These actions may be viewed as violations of District policy and administrative regulations and, possibly, as criminal activity under applicable state and federal laws. This includes, but is not limited to, the uploading of computer viruses and accessing indecent information. These laws carry penalties of up to 20 years in prison.

  9. Access to the Internet is considered a privilege. Users should not waste school resources through improper use of the computer system. Anyone found using access in a way deemed inappropriate will be denied privileges. Noncompliance with applicable regulations may result in suspension or termination of privileges.